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Decisions in a Complex World

We spend our lives making decisions. Some are pretty trivial, "Shall I have another cup of tea?". Others are a bit more important, "Shall I risk the company and everyone's jobs on my wonderful new idea?"

And we make it up as we go along. We copy what we see other people do. We fill in the firm's standard template business case. By the time most of us face the really big decisions, we are already set in the bad habits we've developed by simply living long enough.

When we look for help, we find partial answers. The self-help bookshelves are full of guidance. Except they’re not. There’s a lot of narrow focused stuff out there to help you make decisions that are creative, equitable, ecologically sound and supported by statistics. What’s missing is a basic, practical set of tools that help you make a good choice in the first place.

Here we have some useful tools and techniques. We'll show you how to use them in practice and offer suggestions that work in an organisation and at a personal level. 

This site is pretty new and always developing. We are starting with a package that's aimed at the end of school, start of college. That doesn't mean it's no use to anyone else. It's where we think there's an urgent need. Having seen what the 'more mature' decision makers have achieved, we want to give the next generation a better start. After all, they'll be running the world when we are in the nursing home so it pays to invest in the future.

Later on we will add sections on making better business decisions and the tools and techniques to help you in your personal choices. Meanwhile, take a look at what we have to offer.