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Practical Applications

Having looked at some useful tools and techniques, how do you use them in practice? Here are some suggestions that work in an organisation and at a personal level.

Goal-Oriented Enterprise

Goal-oriented Enterprise, global applications of Benefits Management

This diagram tries to show this by overlaying Benefits Management onto the Inbound / Inside / Outbound model (Buy Side / Inside / Sell Side that some of you will recognise from business studies courses). I’ve drawn it as a Venn diagram because these items are rarely isolated from each other, there’s always a fair amount of overlapping between them.

Even deep within any organisation we have internal customer / supplier relationships. The Buy Side / Inside / Sell Side model is appropriate to all sorts of business units.

Looking at this from a personal point of view, the model still holds up if you consider the following loose definitions:

      • Strategy = Who you want to be
      • Inbound = What you take
      • Inside = What you do
      • Outbound = What you give
      • Performance Management = Being who you are

The emphasis here is on the management of benefits, doing the right thing, getting the most good. The other tools we’ve looked at, such as quick decisions, goalsetting and hypothesis testing will all help.

More on Practical Applications

Goal Modelling helps you choose the appropriate performance to measure, not the easy one. As mentioned earlier in the paragraph on contracts, we measure what we get out of the system, not just what gets put in. Performance management shows how well the benefits are being delivered and enables you to do something to improve the situation.