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Testing the Big Idea

Hypothesis testing is a way of testing new ideas against your strategy, goals and context. Before running away with a brilliant new idea, it needs to be checked to see how good it really is and how well it fits with who we are and what we do. First, we have to understand the context in which we operate.  

1. Set the scene - understand the context in which you operate.

2. Choose to change - A new idea, Base Hypothesis.

3. First filter - test the Hypothesis against the context to see if it's relevant and feasible.

4. Turn the Hypothesis into a Goal, something with purpose.

5. Optimise the value of the Goal - analyse the benefits.

6. Second filter - test the Goal against the optimised package of benefits and detriments to see if it is desirable.

7. Plan to realise the Ends (Goal, Benefits, Outcomes) through the best use of Ways and Means

8. Third filter - test the Goal against the Benefits Realisation Plan. Test the benefits it delivers against the costs involved to prove it is a worthwhile use of resources.

Hypothesis testing - a good change goal, practical application of Benefits Management

Having looked at the goals and benefits it's time to see how they are connected. The Goal Model is a picture of your project that shows how it all links together.

Goal Modelling