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  1. Setting Goals, Doing the Right Thing

    Category: Goal Contribution/Public pages

    ... detail on Goals Now you know what has influenced your choices it's time to see who gets what out of the decisions you make. What's the value of your project? Who gets the benefits? Selecting Benefits ... Sunday, 22 May 2011
  2. Selecting Good Benefits, Proving the Goals

    Category: Goal Contribution/Public pages

    We’ve looked at the goals. Now we have to put some value to them, to find out what it’s all worth.  Here it is a matter of choosing the right things to do, for the right reasons and then doing them. ... Sunday, 22 May 2011
  3. Decision Making for Lay Members

    Category: Goal Contribution/Public pages

    Goal Modelling for Lay Members is for people who may be facing complex business decisions for the first time. It contains a basic, practical set of tools and advice on selecting good strategic objectives, ... Monday, 09 May 2011
  4. Keldale Business Services Ltd

    Category: Web Links / Goal Modelling Links

    Selecting good strategic objectives, gaining optimum value business benefits from change ... Saturday, 27 August 2011

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